0 to 100…Real Quick: How a College Student Made $100k in One Night

Kazi College entrepreneurMost college students dream of making $100k at some point in their lifetime. Some have the opportunity to do so right after college. On October 3, 2014, 20 year old Kazi Ali did it in one night.

In order to tell the story of the $100k day, we must first tell the story of the Million Dollar Man. Kazi Ali was born in Bangladesh and moved to Brooklyn where he grew up; attending the prestigious Brooklyn Tech High School before going to Pace University in Manhattan. When he was 17 he began promoting parties for his friend Kyle “Kingzly” Wolter, who would later become his partner. At the age of 18 he took $3,000 that he had saved up from his job working as a teller at Chase bank and threw his own party, making $8,000 in the process. By the time he was 19 he was throwing shows for hip-hop artists and celebrities like Machine Gun Kelly, A$AP Ferg and YG, and partnering with major brands such as MTVu. He then made the switch from hip-hop to the fast rising genre of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) and received continual success hosting acts such as Major Lazer, Project 46, Basshunter and more.

In March of 2014 Kazi closed a deal with investor and entrepreneur Mehedi Hasan, valuing his company at $1.4 million dollars. Not one to sit with success, Kazi rapidly began adding to his team, first hiring his former boss and partner Kyle Wolter to run marketing and promotions. This proved a pivotal move for the company’s street team operations. Next was Fordham undergraduate Tanvir Shah, former classmate at Brooklyn Tech and a dedicated student with an eye for the law. Almost immediately, Tanvir brought partnerships with Uber, Lyft, groupon to the new brand. To increase his platform in the college market and develop further brand partnerships, former student entrepreneur Patrick Diamitani was added to the mix. A host of other talented interns and partners finalized the founding team of Omicon Entertainment.

From March to October, hundreds of hours were spent planning, promoting and executing the events leading up to the iconic: I’m Shmacked x New York. The party was part birthday celebration and part NYC rager; utilizing the success of I’m Shmacked’s unprecedented college touring platform to hone in interest from thousands of college students in New York and the surrounding metropolitan area. On the night before the event at the company dinner, the Omicon team was informed that they had just presold 3,000 tickets including online ticket sales and physical distribution for a total of nearly $100,000.

Despite the impressive run, Kazi and his team haven’t slowed down. Omicon Entertainment is currently in the process of buying and developing relevant companies in the nightlife and entertainment space and creating an internal marketing agency to better service college events. Through teamwork, commitment and excellence, Kazi has shown how any person, regardless of race, class or education, can persevere to achieve their dreams. “Everyone told me I would never make it in this business; they ridiculed me for my profession,” Kazi says, stating that in order to succeed you have to sell convenience and be willing to commit to the time.

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