We’re #1? We’re #1?| How do “Party Schools” Get Ranked?

"You sure THEY'RE #1?"

We’ve all seen lists that claim to rank colleges based on their party scene, but everyone is usually surprised by where their school ends up on this list. If it’s too high people tend to complain about how this will affect getting a job, or how people from the outside look at the school. If it’s too low then people get upset they’re not included. The real question is always “How did they decide that?” So we went and figured out HOW THEY RANK PARTY SCHOOLS! Below you can find some of the criteria…Be sure tocheck out Fiestafrog.com to find ALL the parties near you!!!

    <li>Student Surveys- That’s right, you lied on that survey didn’t you? Maybe calling you a “liar” is too much? I treat surveys just like the end of the semester teacher evaluations; fill in a few bubbles, write a kind/mean remark, and hope that class is over. The Princeton Review uses surveys filled out from students at the schools to figure out what the “social scene” is like. No confirmation on whether or not the people they ask to answer ever actually go out. Similar to some classes in college, your grade could depend more on who the grader is!

  • “Reefer Madness” – Guard those entrances/exits, you let one SKUNK get in the dorm and you’ll ruin the college!! Just like Santa they know if you’ve been chiefing, they know when you are baked….Apparently having medical marijauna facilities in your proximity for 4-years meas that you are going to indulge(looking at you, every school in California and Colorado). Don’t try to convince us otherwise!! Seriously though, when these rankings are made this is one oft
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