Common Awkward Moments That You Might Experience


We’ve all been there. Those moments that make you wish you were an opossum so you could slip into the protective cover of the night, never to be seen again in the light of day. Okay, that might be an overreaction but awkward moments are never fun. These interactions plague the best of us. Here is a list of common “trip ups” experienced by us “awkward” humans.

THE “iFAUX PAS”: While technology has expanded the reach of human capacity far beyond our wildest dreams, it has also created an entirely new arena for “awkwardom”

Autocorrect has been one of the biggest culprits in the awkward moment. Usually you can laugh off those little textual bloopers with friends, (perhaps even screen shot them), and move along to your next jaunty activity of the day. However, it only takes one “use my penis “ instead of “use my pen” sent to your boss or dear old grandma to make you wish that the i Phone and its damn autocorrect never existed.

Photo SwipeFeatures: Here, the “comforts” of technology strike again. The “picture swipe disaster” personally attacked me recently when my 4-year old nephew wanted to see a cute picture I had taken of a train. As he grabbed my phone and smiled my heart went soft with happiness….until I reali

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