Without a doubt, cheap beer is the staple of every college party. Being that the keyword of my previous statement was “college”, and unlike all of the beverages mentioned on this list, the timeline forbeing able to consume cheap beer has a shelf life. Hey, I’m not knocking drinking on a budget. However, there comes to a point in time where drinking cheap beer is no longer socially acceptable. With that being said, we’ve compiled a list of cheap college beers that should no longer be consumed after graduation.

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10 Beers You Should Drop After College

40s 10 Beers You Should Drop After College | Cheap College Beers01.) Every Malt Liquor Ever:

Technically, malt liquor does not meet the standard requirements to be categorized as a beer. Although, being that malt liquor is one of the cheapest alternatives to get drunk off of, 40′s can quickly become a broke college kid’s best friend. Keep in mind, just about everyone who drinks malt liquor looks as if they’re one paper bag away from living in a cardboard box.



genesee 10 Beers You Should Drop After College | Cheap College Beers02.) Genesee Beer:

Famous last words: “just give it a chance!”. Well, as long as I have more than $4.00 in my pocket, I will never give Genesee Beer another chance. For those of you who have never experienced a night with Genny, consider yourself lucky. But, for those of you who have, it’s safe to say that committing “geneseide” wasn’t worth the few extra bucks in your pocket.



busch 10 Beers You Should Drop After College | Cheap College Beers03.) Busch:

I will never fully understand why so many people enjoy getting “Busch Whacked” . Granted, my wallet doesn’t mind when I drink Busch, but I know for a fact that my liver does.





beast ice 10 Beers You Should Drop After College | Cheap College Beers04.) Milwaukee’s Best Ice:

Word on the street, “Beast Ice” replaced PBR as being the new hipster beer. However,one

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