10 Default Pictures You Should Avoid | Facebook Etiquette

10.) You as a kid:
“You would never have guessed it, but I actually use to be kind of cute”.

9.) Duck face: How it became a popular trend to pose like this is beyond me. Ladies, trust me on this one,this facial expression is very difficult to masturbate to.


8.) Shirtless mirror shot: When I look into a mirror it’s for one of two reasons; I’m either sprucing up, or I’m doing the mangina pose. Regardless, the last person who I want to see in a mirror is some shirtless clown on facebook.

7.) Your pet: I honestly don’t mind if you uploadacouple pictures of that little Chinese delicacy of yours. However, setting that “son of a bitch” as your default picture makes you look like you have some sort of hidden agenda. With that being said, do us a favor and upload a picture of your peanut butter supply… I have a feeling that it’s pretty impressive.

6.) No picture:
Hey, if this is the best picture ya have, then so be it. Just don’t be too surprised
if no one accepts your friend request.

5.) An ultrasound: The beginning stages of proud mom syndrome, and soon to be removed friend.


4.) A picture of your baby:
The finalized stage of proud mom syndrome, and one of the most annoying people on your friends list. Your best bet is to click “remove as friend”


3.) A webcam mug shot: There’s a 50% chance that the person who’s gazing into your soul is a serial rapist.


2.) Fat girl cleavage: Be honest, would you motor boat these?

1.) Public Display of Affection: 1 week later, relationship status—it’s complicated


Honorable Mention

  • A picture that’s way too small
  • Team Logos/Favorite Athletes
  • A celebrity you think you look like
  • Your Snowmobile/ATV
  • Your favorite cartoon character
  • A picture of you exhaling “cigarette” smoke


Keith Morgan

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