10 Movies You Should See Before College

1. Spaceballs – It’s a hilarious movies and chances are, that it is going to come up at one time or another. You’ll want to know what everyone is laughing so hard about.

2. When Harry Met Sally – Honestly, it’s just a fun movie. It doesn’t have much to do with college, but it’s a movie you need to watch regardless. If you’re about to go to college, you’re already watching it too late in life.

3. Grease – Although all of the characters are technically in high school, Grease is a fantastic representation of all the crazy parties and shenanigans a group of adolescent guys and gals can get into. It’s full of laughs, drunken singing, heartbreak, and pure joy; just like college. Even though, none of the actors even remotely look like they belong in high school.

Fiesta Frog Movie Dazed And Confused

“See it with a bud.” Subtle.

4. Dazed and Confused – This movie is an acquired taste, but if you’ve ever taken a hit of “the marijuana”, or was seen in having carefree laid-back personality in high school, then you’ll enjoy this film.

Fiesta Frog Movie Van Wilder

When Tara Reid was hot, she was HOT!

5. Van Wilder – Now, sorry for all the straight guys, but you should see this movie just because Ryan Reynolds is a greek god. But it’s definitely a good college movie to watch. There’s really no substance to the movie, but it’s purely about parties and sex and drugs and having the most amazing time of your life. I mean, other than education, that’s what college is all about, right?

6. The House Bunny – Okay, so this is moxre of a chick flick. But I saw this movie in theatres and I have never laughed out loud so much to a movie. There’s something about it that’s sort of “been there, done that” but it has this unique sense of humor to it that really puts a different, and in my opinion, somewhat more realistic, depiction of what college really is. It IS parties and booze, but it’s opportunity and curiosity also.


7. Fast Times at Ridgemont High – I mean, honestly if you haven’t seen/don’t like Dazed and Confused, you probably won’t like this either. Again, it’s not a college setting, but the crazy schemes and independent style of the movie based around adolescent delinquents is something any 17 or 18-year old would enjoy before they head off to college.

Fiesta Frog Movie Harold & Kumar

8. Harold and Kumar go to White Castle – This is honestly such a classic movie to watch when you’re bored, have nothing better to do, want a good laugh, or just aren’t in the mood to watch a movie that is anything more than pure entertainment. It’s hilarious and so delightfully stupid.

9. Not, Grease 2 – Okay, so I guess this list is actually the top 9 movies to watch before college and the one 1 not to. I mentioned Grease earlier on the list, which is one of my favorite movies and a classic in a lot of people’s minds, but Grease 2 was somewhat under the radar and nothing compared to its predecessor.

Fiesta Frog movie Animal house

10. Animal House – Now this is actually the movie I think you should watch even if you don’t watch any others on the list. I grew up with a very funny dad who always seems to find a good laugh in literally anything he does. That being said, a movie I saw at ages 5, 7, and 13 was Animal House. The aged comedy and slow, stupid wit is also one of the most influential movies about college of all time. Not only does it give you a sense of what college was like in those days, but it’s so interesting and even somewhat refreshing to see that a lot of things haven’t changed at all. Maybe just the iPhone sexting and the embarrassing Facebook posts.