8 Signs You Are More Than “Hooking Up” With Someone

8. You have their phone number memorized…
In the “smart phone” era people don’t memorize phone numbers as much anymore. The numbers you do decide to commit to memory are for two reasons. Either you call this person a lot and have seen the number so many times that you can recall it, or you think that the other person is so important that you want to be able to contact them in the event that your phone dies unexpectedly.


7. You know (at least half) their weekly schedule…
This doesn’t mean that you run around carrying their books, or dropping stuff at work for them…yet. But what it does mean is that you’ve been seeing enough of this person that you know where they are supposed to be during the more normal parts of their week. If someone can call you randomly, and you know where the other person is most likely to be, without contacting them, you might be in the the beginning stages of a relationship.

6. (At Least) One of your parents could identify them, but has never met them
If you have told one of your parents about them in enough detail that they can picture this person then you’re close to hi
tting that “In a Relationship” status. It could be that you bragged to your dad about your hot lab partner that you’ve been grabbing drinks with after class, or telling your mom about the nice guy who helped change your flat tire. If you have described enough of this person that one of your parent could visit and say “Oh, you must be…” you’ve said too much. DISCLAIMER**- Doesn’t count if the person has an eyepatch, or facial tattoo!


5. You place your phone face down
We all get those strange texts from exes and friends of the opposite sex, which could come off as flirting. If you find yourself hanging out with a person you just “hook up” with, it wouldn’t really matter to you if they notice one of these texts. In the beginning of a relationship however, you might not want to divulge this part of your life yet, so you leave your phone face down on the table, desk, nightstand, etc in hopes that any potentially embarrassing messages come through…you’ll be the first to know. If the other person has already seen it, they are WAY TOO NOSY, and you should run…quickly! They’ll probably need you email/Twitter/Facebook/FiestaFrog password soon because you’re gonna be doing EVERYTHING together.

4. You can order food for them

This one is pretty simple. If they are still laying in your bed, and you decide to order food, could you order them something from a random restaurant which they w
ould eat without issue? Not in the Ike Turner “Eat the cake” sort of way, in the “I know what you like at this point” type of way. This means that you have eaten with them enough that you have a pretty good idea of what they order frequently, or you have managed to remember their favorite food! This also tells you a little bit about them, If you order something they don’t particularly like and they eat it, they probably want to keep you happy. This should indicate that they at least care about your feelings enough to scarf down something they find unpleasant to spare them.

3. You refer to people members of the opposite sex as “Friends”
When you are talking abo

ut what you’re plans for the day are, and you know you are about to meet up with a girl/guy they don’t know what do you call them? Do you say “Hey, I’m gonna grab some coffee with Sheila”? No, you don’t…you say “I’m getting coffee with a friend”! Never mind that the vagueness is suspicious, but what this means is that you probably recognize that the meeting you’re about to have could be seen as a date-like activity. You don’t want the your “hook up” to feel slighted that you are about to chill with another person, and you don’t want to give them free reign to do it to you. SO, you say “friend”, it eliminates the “we used to hook up” part of your conversation and emphasizes that it’s really just about seeing someone you haven’t for a while.

2. You find anything in their house with hyphenated names
This is generally seen as something little kids do in the in their notebooks when they have a crush. But old habits die hard, and sometime you just wanna see what it looks like written down, right? Wrong, if you find yourself doing this, you’re too far gone and need to actually date this person. If you find something in their house/room/kitchen with their name + your’s in any way, you guys are about to define the relationship soon. It’s either back to the bar to find someone new, or adios autonomy…pick your poison wisely.

1. You read to the bottom of this list…

Chances are we’re just telling you something you already know at this point. The fact that tyou kept scrolling suggests that you think you want something more. Don’t worry we won’t make fun of you, even though you told all your friends last week that you don’t really like your “hook up” like “that”. We’ll leave the joke’s to your friends!

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