11 Tips to a Better Date | Not Getting Turned Down EVER

Are your wondering why you have been turned down for a second date, a hookup or simply your text aren’t being responded to anymore? This is a post you have to read through my friend! It is frustratingbutit’s probably your fault that the date went south if you are texting him/her and there is no answer. Look back at your first date, you could have done some things differently now that you think about it , right? There are simple things you can do on a date to make sure it goes smoothly. Here are11tips to a better date.1) Brush your teeth – Your date probably doesn’t like stanky breath. You gotta scrub the plaque off those teeth and brush your tongue. Use rope if you dont have floss! The last thing anyone will do is kiss you if she/he feels your mouth is infested with bacteria. SMH @ the gingivitis! No one wants to hooks up with someone that has bad breath unless they are desperate or dirty themselves. Girls, you can always carry a toothbrush and some tooth paste in your bag. Guys, there are mini toothbrushes at the corner store that already have dried tooth paste on them. There is no excuse you can tell your date for some kickin’ breath unless you just finished eating ass.2) Change your underwear – No matter how much you think the smell wont seep out of those jeans… they will. If he/she smells B.O, she will probably tell you that you are better off being their friend. Like WTF. If your draws stink that probably means you probably haven’t washed your balls neither. This is a turn off for the girls. Same for guys! A hot girl or guy isn’t worth talking to if they stink.

3) If you are getting something inexpensive for yourself , you should probably offer it to your date also – It would make some sort of sense to offer her something if it is inexpensive. Be nice and your date will return the favor in their own way.

4) Stay away from the sex jokes and/or the jokes that aren’t funny– no one likes a corny date. Girls like funny guys and guys like funny girls. Simple! The sex jokes will make you sound like Quagmire, so don’t do it to yourself. Also, don’t fart…that isn’t funny bro…that is gross. What is funny to your guy friends might not be funny to your date!

5) Buy her a drink at the bar- No one likes a broke or cheap muthafucka! Women like guys that are generous or can at least self sustain. If you are inviting a girl out on a DATE and you aren’t paying for her drinks, then your game is either on point or you are a broke dude that isn’t getting any ass tonight! If you are next on the table for beer pong, your date should probably be your partner also. Teamwork brings people together :) .

6) Do not smoke if your date doesn’t smoke.– “Kissing a smoker is like kissing an ash tray”. People who don’t smoke usually think that its really nasty and usually do not like being around smokers.

7) If you are broke, do not try to impress anyone with your dwindling funds or pocket change because you won’t! – The worst thing that can happen on a date is that your card is declined at the register , there is a long line behind you guys and you have to ask her to borrow some cash. Shame on you!!! Do your research, there are plenty of cheap dates your women love to go on. A terrible thing that usually happens at a movie theater is when you buy pop corn, only have enough on your debit for the pop corn and you do not have enough “scrill” to buy her drink that she asks for at the last second. Here is the equation for all you math nerds who aren’t getting the point. –> (Swipe (decline) + Your excuse (-1) ) / (Debit card ( $0 ) ) = Hookup (0) ! By they way the (-1) stands for negative one or “bad one” lol.

8 ) Don’t say negative comments about yourself unless you are making a really funny joke – who wants to hear anything bad about yourself unless they are a hater. Obviously he/she isn’t hating because she is on a date with you. Talk about positive and funny things that make him/ her laugh.

9) Always complement your date and never say anything negative about their personality or appearance – Positivity is key to a great time!

10) Stay off your phone and quit texting so much! – You are on a date to learn more about the other person and to have a good time. The other person wants your attention, so stop devoting it to your mobile device. Facebook will be there tonight to tuck you into bed when you get home.

11) NO IS NO!– if she doesn’t want to hook up with you then just impress her some more at a later time. Pop a mint in your mouth before you try though or you will be subject to an immediate disqualification. Trying to hookup after frequent no’s usually result in never getting called again or not answered text. This is something you got to work on bro! Stop trying to hook up on the first date unless she is throwing it at you. Last thing you want is a rape charge or all her friends knowing you can’t take no for an answer.

These are some simple tips that are easy to follow. Just keep these tips in mind before you prepare for your date and when you are at your date. If you are trying to find a nice spot to take your date or a party to find a date, visit this sick website that does it all for you. Its called FiestaFrog.com and it tells you about all the cheap bar specials and parties in your area.

Do you have any tips? Please comment below and let all of us know! Please “like” this post if you feel some of the tips :) ! Stay classy.

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