Each Spring, whether Seniors or underclassmen, college students around the country gain an increased sense of adventure. They see their friends gearing up for graduation, and begin to wonder about taking the next big step in their lives…entering the world of the “working adult”. This idea can be quite scary for a twenty-two or twenty-one year old, because not everyone looks forward to the monotony of a 9-5 job, so many students attempt to get in one last hurrah. We’ve polled our users to find out, a few of the activities, that they believe help form a FULL college experience. After all, you only get four, or five, years of this life! Not all of the answers were related to partying, but from this list it’s clear that students believe in maintaining a rich social life–alongside the educational opportunities they’ve been afforded.

So,Seniors, get those markers out and cross things you’ve done off the list; then hide that list in a place your future children will never find it. Underclassmen, begin building your college legend. That way, you’ll be able to give advice that your own kids will want to take.

1 pt for each task you’ve completed. Leave your total in the comments section.

100 Things To Do Before Graduation (College Bucket List)

100. Go streaking!

99.Cause someone to run a naked lap.

98.Chug a beer.

97.Take a shot.

96.Try to hook up with an attractive bartender.

95.Find one of your messages, on TextsFromLastNight.

94.Throw up from drinking.

93.Wake up in a room you don’t recognize.

92.Skip an entire day of classes.

91.Be walked in on/Walk in on someone else, during sex.

<p dir=”ltr”>90.Suggest a threesome to someone you’re dating.

89.Actually have a threesome.

88.Sneak out of a hook-up’s bed.

87.Confess your love for a professor, in front of the entire class.

86. Sleep inside a fraternity/sorority house.

85. Join a club related to a minor interest.

84. Day-drink.

83. Send your parents a TMI e-mail/text, clearly meant for someone else.

82. Complete a power hour.

81. Hit on someone who is, “out of your league”.

80. Start a chant at a sporting event.

79. Spill your drink on someone.

78. Have a drink thrown in your face.

77. Call out, a professor or administrator.

76. Pull an all-nighter.

75. Forget to pull an all-nighter.

74. Drink/Smoke/Sleep with your current RA.

73. Consider sleeping with a hot professor, then remember that your professor is old…sleep with a TA instead.

72. Drink with someone who has instructed one of your classes.

71. Completely change your diet.

70. Dye your hair.

69. Protest SOMETHING.

68. Visit a foreign country.

67. Reluctantly go back to your country.

66. Hurt a significant other’s feelings.

65. Tell someone, other than your parents, that you love them…and mean it.

64. Make your own “PlayBook”, Barney Stinson style.

63. Finish that TV series you’ve been meaning to watch…in a week, or less.

62. Start a fight.

61. Get locked in a classroom building/library.

60. Walk out of a final exam, earlier than you expected. (Aced it!)

59. Walk out of a final exam, earlier than you expected. (Failed it -_-)

58. Hang out in the library during exam week…distracting people because you only have essays due.

57. Send a response letter to an article in the school paper.

56. Have an, “I’m never speaking to you again” argument with your best friend, then eat your next meal with them…No issue is too big to get over, if they’re actually your best friend.

55. Eye-fuck someone that you have no intention of ever, actually, speaking to.

54. Vow to quit drinking, after a weekend of binging.

53. Spend a weekend completely sober.

52. Pregnancy scare!

51. Find your keys in the door the next morning.

50. Befriend a member of the kitchen staff/Campus security.

49. Throw a fancy party.

48. Attempt to cook a meal for your housemates.

47. Go to a rave.

46. Sleep outside.

45. Break your phone.

44. Wake up with at least one U.D.I. (Unidentified Drunken Injury).

43. Ignore your parents until you need money.

42. Hook up with a townie.

41. Make a playlist of your favorite songs from your college years.

40. Interrupt a campus tour

39. Create a handshake with a friend

38. Sample a type of cuisine you never thought you would.

37. Take a strange class that had nothing to do with your make because it sounds fun.

36. Start pregaming during a class.

35. Learn to play hacky-sack.

34. Spend a day listening to music on the quad.

33. Make a ridiculous bet.

32. Smoke a blunt.

31.Lose your wallet/keys/Id

30. Blatantly fall asleep during a class.

29. Attempt to maintain a long distance relationship.

28. Visit a spring break destination.

27. Plan a roadtrip with your friends.

26. Drink around a bonfire.

25. Steal a sign.

24. Binge at the campus dining hall, one last time.

23. Graffiti your name somewhere on campus that is special to only you.

22. Visit your room from Freshman year…have a drink there.

21. Make a pact, for the post college years.

20. Get drunk and sing karaoke.

19. Do something stupid to impress your crush.

18. Urinate in public.

17. Have a bartender learn your name and favorite drink.

16. Sleep with someone that you would never date.

15. Visit one of your friends, at a completely different school.

14. Learn to do your own laundry.

13. Have sex outdoors.

12. Befriend the person inside the school mascot.

11. Get arrested for something minor.

10. Walk through campus in your underwear. Don’t explain yourself to anyone.

9. Sacrifice a piece of clothing, to avoid seeing a one night stand, a second time.

8.Go skinny dipping!

7. Make a funny YouTube video.

6. Visit a casino.

5. Win a game of beer pong…beirut, if we’re being civilized.

4. Go to a strip club.

3. Show up to class drunk.

2. Make someone else orgasm.

1. Drink to remember, or drink to forget.

If there’s anything you think we forgot, leave a note in the comments section.

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