13 Celebrities We Need To Hear Less About in 2013 | This Year’s Shit List

Seeing as we’re already days deep into 2013, it’s finally time we flush the shit from 2012…down the toilet. Don’t get me wrong because I know first hand that you’ll sometimes come across apretty impressive turd… a turd so special that you’ll actually feel the need to show it off to your friends. However, there comes to a point in time where people get sick of looking at shit. I don’t know about you, but I feel as though that day is upon us. Let’s make today the day where our plungers unite and we flush all of 2012’sshitto the sewer where it belongs.

This Year’s Shit List

13.) Every Teen Mom Character:

I know that this list is suppose to be on celebrities, but thanks to millions of female viewers (with terrible taste in television), the trailer trash from Teen Mom has achieved D-List status. Thankfully, MTV put the kibosh to Teen Mom by making the last season it’s final season. Just don’t get too excited though because if we know anything about MTV and how they operate, the only way they replace garbage is by adding more garbage. Regardless, let’s wave goodbye to the girls of Teen Mom in the hopes that they never return.

12.) Jeremy Lin:

Last year, an unsuspecting hero (Jeremy Lin) put up numbers that not only spurred a 7 game win streak for the New York Knicks, but it also garnished him national attention, and the punderful nickname ‘Linsanity’. The magnitude of an unknown athlete who transformed into an overnight superstar was every journalist’s wet dream. And so, the Jeremy Lin puns were born. What started out as something that was fun to watch quickly turned into one of the most annoying sports stories of the year.


11.) One Direction:

After the dismemberment of the Backstreet Boys and NYSNC, I was convinced that boy bands had officially died. Unfortunately, after the birth of One Direction, I couldn’t have been more wrong. The first time I heard of One Direction was when I saw them perform on Saturday Night Live. To be honest, I thought that their “performance” was one of the funniest bits that Saturday Night Live has ever done. Little did I know, One Direction turned out to be a real “band”. As months passed, One Direction started popping up on radio stations across the country. Before I knew it, this shitty boy band was not only just topping charts, but they were listed as one of the most influential bands of 2012. What the fuck? Is this really what America has turned into?

10.) Mitt Romney:

This past election was the most media driven Presidential election in United States history. Seeing that my boy Mitt totally let me down when he lost, Romney even being mentioned anymore just seems irrelevant.





09.) Lindsay Lohan:

Lindsay Lohan is a train wreck, and she’s always going to be a train wreck. End of story. Ever since LiLo’s life began spiraling out of control, the media has had quite the hard on over her. I’m not exactly sure why anyone still gives a shit because it’s like she’s been in anything good lately. Seriously, the last movie she’s done was Machete. Feel free to Google it because I’ve never heard of it either.



08.) Christian Grey:

For all

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