13 Year Olds Caught Making Pot Cookies in Home Ec. Class

Crazy story out of Iowa of all places!

A home economics class in Burlington got REALLY interesting this week. Four students in the class, all thirteen year olds, decided that they wanted to add a little something more than chocolate chips to the dough. While they were making a batch of cookies, they mixed in a little marijuana!

Unfortunately, the dough was stored overnight and the boys had to wait until the next day to get baked baking. They were caught, and arrested, on Wednesday before finishing their plan, due to the fact that a lot of the other students knew about the plan and told the school admins.

Two of the boys were charged with felony delivery of marijuana, and the other two with misdemeanor possession.

Everyone knows you’re supposed to do all your pot baking in the safety of your own personal domicile, bitch. 

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