2,000 Teens Throw Party in 5,000 sq Foot Mansion (video)

mansion party22,000 teens in Brampton, Ontario threw an epic party that took place in a 5,000 square foot mansion. Who would let a mob like this into their house? No one! This house was under construction and the high schoolers broke in to break it down on the dance floor. However, there was barely any room to walk in this mansion, let alone dance.

The hashtag #MansionParty was used to advertise the event. Cars were lined up on the street, and one group ok party animals even rented a tour bus to drive to the party in.

A 16 year year on party goer named Nick said that “I have seen something like this, in the movies, but never in real life,” He went on, “There were hundreds of people here. Some people were climbing over ladders and smashing the windows. Some were drinking. Everyone wanted to get inside.”

It is estimated that the party caused $70,000 worth of damage, but more damages may be discovered.

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