3 More People You’ll Meet at a ” College Party “

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3.) The Field Medic:
Hey, do me a favor and wipe that look of confusion off your face. Don’t worry, I’ll explain to you what a “field medic” is.
No matter where theparty,there’s always going to be one room full of wounded soldiers. Woah now, easy there Hoss, I’m not talking about a room full of Nam Vets. This is a college party, not your local American Legion,. I’m talking about “any beer at a party that has been abandoned by it’s owner”. As big of a party foul that may be, keep in mind,there will alwaysbeat least one field medic at a party. That’s right, some classy individual will scoop that “free drink” up in no time. Hey, potentially getting roofied is a dirty job, but someones gotta do it.

2.) Your “Best” Friend:

Pending on how wasted you get, the phrase “you might not know them, but they sure as fuck know you” might describe your typical Friday night. However, getting sucked into conversing with these friendly “strangers” is usually a doubled-edged sword. By the way, if the word “sword” got you excited, this post may be about you. As I was saying, your “best” friend can be both a blessing and a curse. Granted, they’re always more than willing to share their finest delicacies with you(shots, beers, blunts etc.)But trust me, don’t always take the bait. Reason being, if they seem desperate, then they probably are desperate. Not only did you catch a buzz, but you might have caught yourself a clinger as well.

1.) The Party Animal:

The party animal drinks as much as he can, and as fast as he can. Not only does he have superior drinking abilities, but he also knows every single drinking game in the book. He’s the life of the party and he knows everybody at the party. If he doesn’t know you, you will get to know him. Why? Because you are a freshman and that’s what freshman do. Now, you may be wondering, “can a girl be a party animal?” No, she can’t. And if you think I’m wrong, feel free to challenge anyone of us by clicking here. Loser makes sandwiches,preferably turkey.

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Love yo ass,
Keith Morgan

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