4 Reasons Bonnaroo was Worth it | An Iconoclist’s Point of View

Over a month ago, we headed to Bonnaroo barely prepared and with our friends questioning our sanity. Ye of little faith! With our tent secured just the night before and a car rented a good 2 hours prior to hitting the road, we set out from NYC to The Farm not really knowing what to expect. With a few bumps and just one crash along the way, a light 20 hours later, we made it to “The Farm” and finally arrived at our first ever camping music festival.

As unprepared as we may have seemed, little did we know, we were equipped with just enough. I kid you not, we were like Dora the Explorer on steroids, screaming backpack, while having just the right things appear out of thin air. Here are four essentials that made our Bonnaroo experience that more epic and memorable.


1) Hula Hoops!

Hectically running into the local Walmart right outside of  Bonnaroo, we found ourselves trying on unicorn bicycle helmets and the likes. Eventually we stumbled upon the hula hoop aisle. Holy smokes batman of hula! At any festival, hoopers tend to be out in full force. Hip swaying goddesses that catch every beat and allow you to fall into a trance with their effortless flow. At Bonnaroo, we set out to find hula hoop gurus; our flashing light hoops made for easy conversation starters. By far the best advice we were given: “find your flow”. So simple.

Festival hula hoop

2) Pretty Faces and a Smile

At any good music festival, carnivals rides are an absolute must. Flashing trippy colors and patterns by night, the ferris wheel tends to be the most coveted of them all. Did we mention how much we hate lines? We waited longer than we wanted to in a line full of anxious and sedated Bonnaroovians, finally reached the front only to be told we needed tickets. Duh?! Tickets crossed our minds at one point, but everything else in our systems made that thought a fleeting one. At that point, we did what we know how to do best when necessary: we smiled. Shortly after, we were snapping pics from the top of ferris wheel and looking down on Centeroo.


3) Teva Sandals

Just two weeks prior to Bonnaroo, as I sported my all black Terra Teva sandals, a friend commented on how extremely ugly they are (he likened them to Jesus sandals). To be honest, I must agree, they’re not the most fashionable footwear I’ve ever purchased, but they’ve gotten me across some serious terrain! As it turns out, Teva was the official footwear for Bonnaroo ’14 and with that came some pretty sweet perks.

A special Teva lounge was set up in Centeroo and those wearing the sexy sandals had access to a free charging station. Huge deal at a camping festival! They also handed out Bonnaroo survival kits. The best part, the first 100 festival-goers to visit their booth each day could trade in their old muddy Tevas for a fresh pair. Take that, Teva haters!

teva sandals

4) Face and Body Paint

By the fourth (and hottest) day of Bonnaroo or any festival for that matter, festival-goers tend to be at a loss for what to wear. Although anything that still smells good is always a good move, we’ve got you covered with an even better alternative. How about nothing? We ran around painting The Farm in flowers, peace signs and even space ships.  Is it even legal to be topless in Tennessee? Who cares, The Farm has its own rules. Let’s be weird together.

body paint


Written by Iconoclisms.com