4/20 | Why Cannabis Culture Is So Important to Us

Do you guys ever feel like stoners have like somewhat of a network?

Like every stoner, whether boy or girl, black or white, smart or dumb, big or small, has something in common; and something significantatthat, that we like to get high.

We identify ourselves with one another and with all things that are “weed”. And how do we do so?

Well there are many ways stoners identify themselves with cannabis culture, we talk about it, tweet about it, and overall just are about it. But as much as we wear hemp bracelets, still listen to Kid Cudi or treat our $160 dollarglassbongs like they are our babies, there is one thing above all that connects stoners within our way of life.“4/20 is a is a term used primarily in North America to refer to the consumption of cannabis and, by extension, a way to identify oneself with cannabis subculture”, as it was defined by Wikipedia, which to my editors is as legitimate a source for articles as WebMD is as a source for why you’re head hurts (brain tumor), but since this article is about marijuana consumption and my prime audience is those who engage in smoking it, then I think quoting Wikipedia is both overseen and appropriate. So 4/20 is a way to both refer to smoking weed, and a way to connect ourselves with it’s subculture. Because, to be honest, most of us like having a direct correlation with such a network of young Americans that also light up.That is why Saturday will make for an awesome day had by all. Everyone that is a part of cannabis culture will be rolling j’s, packing bowls and ripping bongs and wether or not “together”, we will be doing so together. It’s like patriotism but not with national pride, instead with an illegal substance in plant form.


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