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5 Embarrassing College Memories

5 Embarrassing College Memories

The Halloween Walk of Shame

Or should I call it, the Helloween Walk of Shame? We’ve all been there, girls and boys. You roll out of Waldo or Miss America’s bed at8a.m. on November 1st and have no choice but to pull on that diaper or that coconut bra and brave the 5-block walk back to your apartment. Tears may be shed, all eye contact is avoided, and desperate attempts to cover up exposed body parts are made.

The Frothy Frat Stairs Plunge

The thun thun of the bass and girls stumbling there way up the steps drenched in sweat sends guys and gals alike running for the basement stairs at a frat party. The constricted space and steepness of the stairwell already sets you up for disaster. Add in the dim lighting, girls holding hands charging upwards from thebasement like a defensive line, spilt beer bucketing down the stairs and hope for the best. One wrong step and boom boom boom boom, you’re sitting waist-deep in a pile of unidentified liquids on the basement floor.

<pdir=”ltr”>The Public Puke

You can’t always control when or where it happens, making The Public Puke a top contender in the most embarrassing college memories. On the sidewalk in front of the bar, in the taxicab on the way home, in your hook-up’s bed, at the McDonald’s counter mid-order, in the bathroom at work the following morning, The Public Puke can be humiliating and messy for all parties involved.

Just for fun, I’ll add two of my personal most embarrassing college memories…

The Failed Hook-Up

It was October of my freshman year. I had just recently broken up with my boyfriend fr

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