5 Guys You Might Wake Up Next to in the Morning | College Sex

Here at FiestaFrog.com we have recently gave insight on the girls you might sleep with in college. In order to satisfy our female readers, we created a list of guys you might end up waking up next to.

Hereare your typical 5 college dude:

The Frat Boy
Waking up next to a Fraternity brother is very common, more common than most other types of guys you’ll sleep with in college. Just a heads up for you incoming freshmen next fall, don’t get your hopes up about the things he said to you last night. You were drunk and down for anything. The best part isyou’re probably going to be compared to all the other chicks he has slept with, you’ll be labeled with something embarrassing you did last night (i.e. The chick who moans like a horse), everyone is going to know every detail of your night, and that sweatshirt you grabbed on the way out to keep yourself warm, yeah… it has his house letters on it and this is not an item to cherish and be proud of, it’s shameful and you have become another girl that has been objectified.
TheMeat Head
The Meat Head is someone you won’t have an issue waking up to, apart from him taking up more than

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