5 movies to put her in the mood

As men, action flicks are usually our go-to movie genre when we’re bored. For whatever reason we are drawn to fast cars, huge explosions, unlimited ammo and guns with no reload requirements. If most guys could, we would live out our lives as our favorite action hero.

However, women don’t usually share our admiration for all things action packed.

Our female counterparts are mostly into softer, more artistic visual forms of the human experience. Although some women love a good Die Hard film every once in a while, most are turned off as soon as guy mentions an action title. The cooler sounding the name, the more likely she is to be on her phone, social media or sexting (not with you) for the next two hours. For a guy, if a girl suggests watching a romantic comedy then he is likely to flip out and never allow her to pick out a film on movie night.

Where’s the common ground? How can you two meet in the middle?

It just so happens that both men and women enjoy sex. I’m not saying watch porn with your lovely lady (although that might work to get her in the mood). There are plenty of hidden gems inthe movie world that are filled with sensuality and passion. Women love that shit, and men love to have their partner reenact some of those steamy scenes. It’s a win-win situation.

Here are a few movies to get her all hot and bothered—in a good way.

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Last Tango in Paris- Simple story. Marlon Brando meets a girl in a city he’s not from and gets it on with her; repeatedly —and as strangers. Most women can’t allow themselves to participate in anonymous sex, but they can certainly appreciate the excitement of it. There are plenty of sensual scenes in this movie so you don’t have to anticipate one specific scene. There is plenty of role playing opportunities with this flick.

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Two girls and a guy– It must be great to Robert Downey, Jr. Not only does he get to be Iron Man, but he stars in a film about a guy with two hot girlfriends. Every guy wants to have two trophy girls (gotta fill that trophy case), and this movie is great in showing women a different type of relationship; one that is more open but really sexual. Usually this movie doesn’t rub women the wrong way or send the wrong message. Most women accept that it is just entertainment and are enticed by the sexual nature of the film. It’s hard to please two young women, there has to be a lot of great sex— and the film delivers scenes of that.

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ATL- Maybe your girl doesn’t want to see an overtly sexual film. That’s ok, ATL is heart-warming and features a sweet romance between rapper T.I and actress “Nu-Nu” Lauren London. There are plenty of kissing scenes and romantic moments in the 2006 classic. Although it is a coming of age tale, it has the type of sound track that makes you reminisce about your high school years and romances.


Casablanca– Classic tale of a man’s struggle between his romantic endeavors and his duties. There are so many quotable, memorable lines and scenes in this movie that I could probably write an article on just those alone. This is one of the most ideal movies for couples and is a great film besides getting her in the mood. After watching this movie, your girlfriend will respect your choice in movies for a long time (until you call the original Transformers flick a love story).


Monster’s ball- Ok here me out on this one. Most guys use this film as their Halle Berry “porn”. But it’s ok to share that great, passionate scene with your significant other. Beside the sex between Ms. Berry and Billy Bob Thornton, the movie is actually pretty good and allows you time before the big scene so you can “warm” her up.