5 Places You’ll Party in College | College Drinking Locations

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Dorm Rooms:

I hate to even use the words “dorm” and “party” in the same sentence,but we’ve all been there. To be honest, for someone who’s never lived in a dorm, I’ve experienced my fair share of dorm room “partying“. Granted, I’m not exactly proud about my previous statement. However, there were a few nights of drunken dorm shenanigans that I will probably never forget. For instance, I know for a fact that I will never forget how awful/painful that blowjobwas that I received on the 16th floor staircase at Lawrinson Hall (Syracuse University). Also, I know I’ll always remember the night that led up to the morning where two SUNY Albany (Colonial Quad) RA’s had to physically wake me up from being passed the fuck out in some random hallway. All in all, dorms are a decent place to pregame, but the last place you want to party.Small Apartments:Partying in a small apartment isn’t that great, but it’s still way cooler than partying in a dorm( mainly because you don’t have to worry about that fat RA breathing down your neck anymore). However, even though you ditched the RA, you now might have an even bigger fish to fry; asshole neighbors. I mean, getting the cops called on you and getting a ticket for a noise violation is one thing, but getting a ticket for underage drinking, a.k.a “unlawfully dealing with a child in the 3rd degree” just sounds terrible… I’m still not sure if my old roommate is legally allowed to even pass out Halloween candy anymore.

A Filthy Party House:

Being that I use to live in a party house, I don’t want to comeoff

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