5 Quick Ways to Avoid Stress in College

You will encounter stress in various forms throughout your life. In college, it seems the stress is intensified. You are dealing with midterms, group projects (that you have to do by your self), relationships and the impending reality of student loans. There are other times in life that will be more demanding and taxing on your mental state (like kids) but none will be as constant as the anguish you will face in your college years.

Dealing with the inevitable stress is almost as part of the college experience as drinking liquor is (hopefully you don’t do too much of either). Before you fold under the pressure of having a 15 page paper due the same week you are evicted from your apartment because you can’t get enough hours at work, here are some ways to “woo-sah” yourself back to sanity.

Quick Ways to Avoid Stress in College

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Work out: this is probably the healthiest thing you can do for yourself in stressful times (well physically, but financially, you’ll still be starving). Not only will the endorphins that spread throughout after a workout improve how your body feels, but they will enhance how you feel about your situation as well. If you aren’t theweightlifting type, you can always punch the ole’ punching bag or play a game of hoops.

Find someone to Vent to: sounds simple enough, but it is too often that college students fail to realize that it is actually possible to “talk” your way to peace of mind. Venting may not solve your problems but it can make you feel better to get things off your chest. The person you vent to may even be able to offer advice to a solution that you hadn’t considered.

Shop: sometimes you just need to do something for your self. Now dont do this at the expense of your well being (and living conditions) but a little instant gratification can help you from going over the deep end. It might be time to buy those pair of selvedge jeans you always wanted. Why not? Everything else in life sucks, at least you’ll look good.

Get out of your mind: whether it be getting inebriated ( however you do it, just be safe) or just doing something you wouldn’t normally do. Life can be pretty mundane, but getting out of your usual mindset can give you perspective on things.

Have sex: more fun than working out but it may not always be an option in every situation. Sometimes that “big release” can do wonders on your will to cope with life. After all that pent up frustration, it can feel great to hit the restart button (unless guys are the only ones who feel that after sex). After your done, go make a sandwich and attack your problem!

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