5 (Real) College Parties Gone Wrong



Here is a list of 5 college parties that just got too crazy to handle!! If you’re looking for parties like these (without as much rioting), CHECK OUT FiestaFrog.com to find the events closest to you!!!

5. University of Maryland – April 1, 2002 – April 2, 2002

Celebration: The University of Maryland defeats Indiana 64-52 to claim their first ever NCAA basketball Championship. Over 5,000 fans take to the streets whipped into a frenzy by the victory….

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Damage: 24 Injured, 17 Arrests, 16 Fires Set, 6 Police Cars Damaged, 1 Maryland State Trooper’s Face Hit With a PLANK!!

Total Cost: Over $50,000 in damages

4. Iowa State University- VEISHEA 2004

Celebration: This annual event marks the largest campus celebration in America. Unfortunately, it’s really hard to have a party with a riot going on outside!

Damage: 2,000 Rioters, 38 Injured (16 Police Officers), 37 Arrests

Total Cost: Over $250,000

3. Kent State University – “College Fest” April 21, 2012

Celebration: Annual Celebration of the end of the year for students.

Result: 33 Arrests, SWAT Team Response, Crowd Pepper-Sprayed

Total Cost: Unknown

2. Ohio University- Palmer Fest 2010

Celebration: OU’s annual Palmer Fest Block Party kicked off to a normal intoxicated success, unfortunately couches ended up lit on fire!

Result: 81 Arrests, 1 Police Officer Injured, 1 Horse Injured

Total Cost: Unknown


Not to be outdone 1 STATE over…..

1. Penn State University- State Patty’s Day 2011

Celebration: A tradition which began in 2007, this is St. Patrick’s Day as only Penn State could (and would) do it. RED FLAG(?): The celebrating begins at 8:30…A.M.

Result: 420 Police Calls,160 Arrests , 31 Alcohol Related Hospitalizations

Total Cost: Unknown