5 Reasons Why EDC was so Amazing this Year| Electric Daisy Carnival NY 2014

EDC NY 2014 was a great experience… Correction…an amazing experience! Are you asking the question “why was it so amazing” as you gaze at your screen ready to scroll down and start reading this article? Hmmmmmmmmm?!?!?  Well, here are some highlights to help your imagination wander just a little bit farther past the stars.

The Flower Crowns and American Flags

This weekend was full of mysticism, adventure…and most importantly, flower crowns. Nothing says festival season is here more than the infamous flower crown, and based on our observations this weekend, festival season is definitely in full swing. There were crowns of all colors, shapes and sizes – a reflection of the rainbow of personalities that were gathered at Metlife Stadium. Lesson learned? When going to an EDM festival, don’t leave home without your flower crowns…or your American flags, for that matter. Apparently, festival-goers are also really patriotic.


The Energy

The EDC air was filled with love and positivity. Everyone came out with the intention of having a good time. In true EDM-head fashion, we exchanged lots of candy and fully embraced the PLUR culture that surrounded us. Calvin Harris got the crowd jumping with some cult favorites including We Found Love, Feel So Close and I Need Your Love. His hour long set was fully equipped with sing alongs, uncalculated movements and Sweet Nothings.

EDC insomniac

The Dance Battles

Who can help but move once those electronic beats hit your ears? And there is no where better to express yourself through dance than a music festival (even if dancing is a challenge, just choose a beat and move! you’ll be in great company) In the midst of one of our own mini dance sessions we were lucky enough to experience a dance battle worthy of a Bronx street corner circa 1980 something. Next time you are lucky enough to be outside surrounded by the sounds of joy, let the music take over, we dare you to try not to move.


The Lights/ Decor

No EDM festival is complete without mind blowing lighting. EDC NYC did not disappoint. As the sun set, the musical experience was intensified by the cosmic lighting. Fireworks, laser pointers, things that glow in the dark, oh my! As enjoyable as having an actual use for sunglasses at night was, it would be a disservice to EDC NYC if we attributed the visual delight to simply the hours after dusk. Even before the sun set, our eyes were just as captivated as our ears. Larger than life, Alice in Wonderlandesque moving flowers, caterpillars just waiting to burst into beautiful butterflies, mushrooms providing the perfect selfie opp (or usie in our case). Oh, did we mention the rides? Yes, real life carnival rides. Between the ferris wheel, swings, and the spin-out it was enough to make any adult remember that age is what you make it.

EDC decor

The Food

Anyone who has spent 10hrs dancing and sweating knows the importance of proper sustenance. Once again we were not disappointed. Ample food options were available no matter your dietary restrictions (yes, even you vegan, gluten free folks), our favorites included life saving tacos(with real cojita!), arepas, grilled cheese stations, even Mrs. Fields made an appearance to give the gift of sugar. More important than food, are libations and we were not limited in our choices, while hard liquor was not permitted, there was a wide variety of beer and other malt beverages, enough to please anyone over 21 (drink responsibly friends!!)

Bravo EDC NYC for creating an experience for all 5 of our senses .

EDC amusement Rides

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Reviewed by Whitney D. / Iconoclisms.com