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5 signs she's a keeper

The very first girlfriend you have usually appears to be the last girl you will ever need to be with. That is until your next girlfriend—and the opportunity for casual dating arises. Men typicallygothroughwomenlike dirty boxer shorts especially in our younger years.

The biggest problem with men and our choice in women is our eyes. Guys are very visual creatures; if the package looks pretty, we won’t even bother to read the table of contents. Unfortunately, women can’t be judged solely on their outward appearances (which you should have saw coming because women are anything but simple and straightforward). I’ve encountered countless womenwho were passed up on because men value beauty over looks. But being a man, sex is important and no guy wants to have sex with someone they deem unattractive.

<pclass=”MsoNormal”>Don’t feel guilty about it; women won’t date guys whoare sexually unattractive as well (or the ones who lack potential, a car, a career, perfect credit score, great hair). The older a man gets, however, the more he has to stop thinking with his small head and allow his true cognitive thoughts to guide him.

I can’t lie, physical attractiveness is key for a man’s drive for a woman, but there are other features to be aware of to dictate if she’s the one or not.

5 Signs She’s A Keeper

Thoughtfulness: Women are natural gift-receivers. Men are born gift-givers. The dynamic between the two sexes works because relationships are like projects; the pieces have to fit. There have been so many times when a woman used her body to give me my birthday present. While this was extremely exciting the first few times, after a while it becomes stale and unoriginal. If a woman is constantly giving you a physical gift, then she’s nott

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