5 Things To Do When Finals Are Over

It’s getting to the point where those of us lucky enough to have only 1 or 2 finals are finishing up already. That being said, there’s still the question of , what the hell do I do now? For some reason we always tend to plan for the worst during finals week, or you were too busy and made plans to go home as late as possible. If you’re stuck on campus there are a few options you may wanna exercise.

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1) Throw a party– It’s simple enough, if you’re finished there’s gotta be other people who are just as done and just as bored. This time you get to be the hero everyone remembers when they’re back home. Just remember that if you throw a lame party people aren’t likely to come back to your house next semester. Actually, that’s a lie. As long as there’s good music and semi-free alcohol the undergrads will come buzzin’.

2) Get your close friends together and say goodbye– Let’s be honest here, we don’t all live in the same place. You’re probably already all emotional cause the girl/guy you like lives to far away, or because you partied too hard and most likely aren’t gonnascore that A on whatever exam to keep you off academic probation. You may or may not be taking an involuntary semester off, fuck it. Go out with a bang! Get your close friends gathered up and get shitty together one last time…it doesn’t have to be a party, just remind everyone what they’ll be missing come January.3) Get a head start on next semester– There’s always one person who wants to be a hero. He/she is gonna go ahead and get started on reading every book for every class they have next semester. Sure it’ll probably help in the long run, but is that really a way to spend the little time you have on a college campus where you don’t have to be studying? Shit, in the long run you’ll thank them when they hire you in three years.4) Sleep– Fuck everything else. You’re tired, cranky, and you just crammed because you thought you’re final was on wednesday, but realized it was actually Tuesday morning. Get your Zzz’s and decide tomorrow.

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5) Anything– Do all the thing you tell people you would be doing on campus if you didn’t have class. You have a college campus and a bunch of people in your age group, minus the school part. Use your imagination!

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