5 Things to Get your Boyfriend or Girlfriend for Christmas | College Holidays

It is that time of year again and you HAVE to get that significant other a gift for Christmas. This time of year kind can suck because you are a college student and you probably do not had much income coming in, but your significant other probably wouldn’t understand the lack of moulah in your account. It can also be a fun time of year, because you want to be the person that makes your significant other the happiest. It is always fun to try and top how happy you made him/her last year ,so lets visit the topicofchristmas gifts. What should you get your significant other ?Here is a list of presents you can get your boyfriend or girlfriend ( or both :p ) :Girlfriends:

1) A custom made dildo : If your penis is small, do not get this. Im guessing these companies have you make a mold with a discreet package the company sends you . Then you probably send it back for them to make the sex toy. You can also get an already made dildo of Shaqs dong, but she probably wouldn’t want you anymore. <shrugs> Here is the link.

2) Shoes : Women love shoes. It would be cool if you made a statement by getting her a pair of the same fresh kicks you have, so you as a cute couple can match or you can get her some nice designer heels. Either way, she will love you for getting her some shoes. However, if you get a girl shoes, she might walk out of your life in them ( just a weird superstition). Sooooo…..

3) Jewlery: If you get her this every year then do NOT do it. Jewlery is a very nice gift to give your princess but then again it isn’t very thoughtful. On the other hand, a diamond is a woman’s best friend so if you haven’t gotten her jewelry before, then now might be the time.

4) A ticket for two to a vacation spot: She would love to spend some time with you off the college campus. Trust me, a cruise or a flight out of this college dump for a week will keep her happy for months. Shared memories are the best memories!

5) Check her internet browser history: Women love to look on the internet for what they want for christmas. They will look at things they love multiple times or even post what they want on their facebook walls. Pick up on these clues and you will be golden for the holiday season.



1) A videogame system: Men love video games! Why not get him an xbox 360 or PS3. If you got him a PSP vita preorder, he would love you forever!!

2) Electronics : Guys love electronics. I don’t know why, but its like how a dogs love bones. Get him a high tech camera, cellphone or MP3 player.

3) Sneakers: Sneakers are a guys best friend ( second to a dog). Guys wear them everywhere. Unlike girls, guys do not wear heels or flats to parties. They wear sneakers. If the front of your boyfriend’s sneakers are talking, then you know the move you have to make.

4) Shirts : A broOoOo can never have to many shirts. Find out his favorite color and get him a couple of shirts or sweaters. Don’t be cheap and get him one ( would you only want one shirt huh)! There are many styles to choose from ( collared shirts, tee shirts, etc)

5) A hookup for his car: If you hook up your boyfriend with a stereo system for his car or some new rims, he will love you forever. Guys love hooking up their cars and if you are helping them do so, you are helping yourself stay around a lot longer than expected.

Boyfriend or Girlfriend

1) An ounce of medical marijuana : Who wouldn’t want this?

2) A prepaid debit card : NOT thoughtful but who wouldn’t want money?

3) Concert tickets : Take her/him out to a nice concert or something. Pop a pill , roll and then go back to a nice hotel room for the night.

4) Drugs : If your significant other is a drug addict, then hey, why not. Wouldn’t they love it after all.

5) A very nice expensive bottle of champagne to collect. This is a nice present.

What NOT to get:

1) Do NOT get your girlfriend a GYM membership. -_-

2) Do NOT get your girlfriend some breath mints. -_-

3) Do NOT get your boyfriend under ware.

4) Do NOT give your boyfriend or girlfriend just a card.

5) Do NOT get your girlfriend a tee shirt unless it is VERY creative.

6) Do NOT get your boyfriend an old video game system.

7) Do NOT get your girlfriend a thirty rack or keystones.

8 ) Do NOT get your boyfriend a penis pump or a penis enlarger . -_-

…..send me some DO NOTs on twitter at @GDecelia and I will post them up here!

These are just some of my ideas for what you should get your significant other for Christmas. Some of these ideas might sound typical but hey, some people do not have common sense. Follow me on twitter at @GDecelia for more info on whatever. Please comment on this post with gift ideas and also more ” what not to get your significant other”.

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