5 Things You Can Expect From UCLA

As my first year comes to a close, I can confidently say that my time thus far at UCLA has been eventful, surprising, joyous, and full of embarrassingly hilarious stories that your typical studious Asianprobablywouldn’t come across. This list is a compilation of what new students who like to party can expect from life as Bruin.


1. “Asian Girls Everywhere” as Childish Gambino eloquently puts it, accurately describes the racial demographics here at UCLA. There literally are Asians girls (and boys) everywhere you go, whether it be a Mexican-hat dance or a shark fin soup awareness dinner. While this might be expected by in-state students, out-of-state students might be surprised to find that the school has a majority of Asian students who take up about 40% of the demographic pie.

Butnot only are there Asian students everywhere, there are Asian tour groups everywhere as well. Most days on campus there are many groups of Asians, either families or school groups, taking photos at UCLA landmarks like Royce Hall, Powell Library, or the Bruin Bear mascot. It is at this point you will really begin to realize how much Asians love to take pictures and how nice their cameras are.


Ucla Scooter 2. Scooters. Everywhere. I’m not talking about mopeds, I’m talking about the kick-push-90’s-shiny silver razor scooter that you begged your mom to get you ten years ago at Christmas. At first it might seem like razor scooters have made a comeback until you realize it’s a trend that has been curiously preserved on UCLA’s campus. I’ve been to several other UC’s like Berkeley, Santa Barbara, San Diego, and Davis, and have never seen anyone casually riding a silver scooter. No, this is something that seems to be in existence due to UCLA’s hilly geography which allows scooters to be the most efficient way of travel.

And it’s not just a
select group of students who choose them; I’ve seen athletes, bookworms, frat boys, pretty girls, and even faculty workers sport the foldable scooter throughout campus. Most students who want to preserve their pride just walk, others who are more athletic use a regular bike (there are so many hills this might be difficult, especially if you live in the dorms), and people like myself who are both lazy and unable envision themselves on a scooter rent a highly convenient electronic bike. But if you find yourself subscribing to the scooter craze, don’t fret, no one will make fun of you for riding a scooter. At least not at UCLA.

ucla students beach

3. What Freshman 15? With the amount of walking (or scooting) that the campus forces you to undertake on a daily basis, dorm food, as bad as it might be nutritionally, doesn’t become a huge threat to those watching their waistlines. Unless you’re sitting in your room all day eating hot-cheetos and watching Netflix (like me) most likely you won’t gain too many extra pounds. Furthermore, the menus at the dining halls almost always have a tasty vegan/vegetarian friendly alternative, so it’s not impossible to watch what you eat.


ucla celebrity sighting 4. Celebrity Sightings. UCLA is located in Westwood Village which seems to be a hotspot for wandering celebrities who are just taking a casual stroll or tending to their own business. This is probably due to the close proximity to West Hollywood and Beverly Hills which are just a few miles east from campus, and it also might be due to the Fox Theater which hosts a lot of movie premieres. There is even a Facebook page where students write about all the interesting celebrities they’ve seen on campus or in the village. Some sightings on or around campus have included Zac Efron, Seth Rogan, James Franco, Emma Stone, Emma Watson, Paula Abdul, Bradley Cooper, Christopher Walken, and John Stamos just to name a few.


5. Bruin Pride. Most of the student body are extremely proud or happy to be Bruins, and rightfully so. As one of the top public universities in the United States, UCLA is nothing to be ashamed of. Additionally, our sports this year have done surprisingly better than the previous years, including a comeback in football where we beat our cross-town rivals USC 38-28. Even if school pride isn’t your thing, you will be engulfed in a student body who loves their school and bleeds the blue and gold. You might as well join in.

ucla bruins fans