When I’m not out at a house party or at the bar with my friends, I often find myself randomly surfing Facebook. Yeah, Facebook is fun for a bunch of reasons, but there are a few really annoying thingsthat people frequently do. For instance, thinking that they have advice to give to the world–wait that’s what I’m doing right now? Never mind that first one then, below a five more that truly make me want to delete my account…

5. Sweeping Declarations-If __________wins/loses/occurs, it will ruin my faith in humanity/destroy the country/fuck my day, in response to this I intend to leavethecountry/destroy my computer/delete my account.We see this everyday, especially now that the election is close at hand. Every time I sign into Facebook I see another one of my “friends” telling me how if event X occurs they plan on; leaving the country/internet/book club, move into isolation, or completely change their life for the better/worse. Who are you kidding? Not me! It’s just annoying to have to constantly see this, STOP IT…or I swear I’m leaving the internet forever!!4. Baby Pictures- There is a reason that I’m not friends with any children or babies on social media. Well a few reasons;they can’t type very well, they spit up their food, and–they’re BABIES! I get that your kid is the cutest kid ever, in the history of procreation. Seriously, your kid is the “Golden Child” and no matter how long I search the internet for pictures of cute babies your kid is probably going to be on every page, of every set, of Google search results. The truth of it: Posting baby pictures on Facebook is kind of like breastfeedingin



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