5 Tips for a Great BBQ or Summer/Spring Party | Summer Parties

summer parties

Its getting really nice outside and there are going to be so many spring/summer parties. Due to global warming , we are getting the great weather a little bit earlier than usual. However, its theyear 2012 and I am going to party like its the “end of the world”. Here are some tips to a great spring/summer or BBQ party.

1) Have ice cream or an ice cream cake at the party. That would make your party sick. Who wouldn’t want to munch on a Cold Stone ice cream cake while trying to get laid lol.

2) Have you heard of a ice luge? If you had one of those at your party then you will be the king. Look it up. Its like an ice block with
a tunnel in it. You can put your mouth at the end of it while someone throws liquor down it. Its so sick

3) Throw a nice theme party. Try a pool, bikini party, celebrity costume, ice cream or any thing but clothes party!

4) Have food or throw a BBQ. Partiers love food with their alcohol.

5) Throw your party outside. You might get in trouble with the cops quicker ( you need a permit for outdoor parties), but you have to enjoy the weather.

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