Yes sir! It’s valentines day and today is the easiest day of the year to hook up on. If you cannot hook up on Valentine’s day, then I do not know whats wrong with you!

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The reason why is because”girls” without a valentine are USUALLY and NOT ALWAYS bitter and mad at the world. These “angry birds” are especially “in the closet” bitter to those with other females and past hookups with valentines. If you don’t believe me, look at your facebook news feed ! There are probably tons of women on it that are saying ” fuck valentinesday”or ” Singles awareness day” or some kind of bullshit because they have no guys calling them up or giving them gifts. Do you see guys doing this? NO! In all actuality the “angry birds” want a valentine so bad that if the chance arises for them to get one, all hell breaks loose. This is not all girls though. Many girls have the dignity to strap their boots and stick to their morals. These are the dignified women that get valentines! However ,in most the darkness still lingers and having a valentine on Valentine’s day is the#TREND.Toall the girls out there, if there are guys calling you and trying to hook up with you everyday but isn’t calling you on Valentine’s day, that is because they have a valentine or because the dog probably planning on hooking up with someone else that night and you aren’t the “main squeeze”. The funny thing is, they will probably call you tomorrow after the festivities are done and over with. All this is sad but true! Valentine’s day is the time of year when people’s true colors show. You find out who is really dating who and who really cares. You find out who is lying and who is sincere. You find out who will date and who will not. Those are the truths of the situation and it will probably stay that way until the end of time. The dogs come out at night and they also come out on Valentine’s day!Now, back to the topic of discussion. S Follow these tips and your chances are more than likely to go up! Here they are :

picture 96 5 Tips to Help You Hook Up on Valentines Day | How to Get a Valentine| Singles Awareness DayGUYS TIPS:

1) Subtly ask if she has a valentine. If she doesnt, dont ask her to be. That’s corny and she probably doesn’t have one for a reason! Don’t pry into her business and just invite her out for the night. She will more than likely say yes if you arent ugly or a douche. Chicks want attention…from everyone, men or women. So you taking her out to a restaurant or a bar where other dates are going on will only make her feel better about her self and better about you.

2) Give her a gift! You get ten points for flowers bros and 100 for nice jewelry. Girls love flowers and jewelry. If you knwo why please comment below. Are women genetically predisposed to loving flowers or does society make them like flowers? I dont know, but it helps in the hookup race.

3) If she is your valentine, shout her out on Facebook and/or tag her. This will it shows you care and make her blush like

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