5 Tip For Becoming A Popular College Freshman

When you arrive on your new campus remember that you are completely starting from scratch! None of these people knows much about you, your issues in high school, the lame nickname you haven’t been able to shake since middle school, or about that teddy bear you stuffed into your luggage last minute because your sibling has been laying in wait to destroy him for years. The other Freshmen, are going to be looking for the one person who seems like they have college all figured out”already. Here are a few tips to make it seem like that’s you…until you actually do. Follow them, and you can be King, or Queen, of the sandlot.

Don't be THIS guy!

Don’t be THIS guy!

1. Play a sport…and be (relatively) good at it – Sure, if you were recruited to play a sport at your college play it up, everyone like wants to be friends with the Freshman phenom…even i they pretend to hate the idea of athletic scholarships. Who isn’t smart enough to realize that being friends with this person could potentially make your college experience. EVEN IF, you aren’t a future professional athlete you can still become “cool” through sports. Remember, RA’s are lazy, there are bound to be a few bonding exercises that will allow you to showcase those athletic talents…at a minimum someone will want you on an intramurals team

You don't have to be that good!

You don’t have to be that good!

2. Become involved around campus – Find out what the most popular clubs/organizations are on your campus. If any of these pique your interest…join them. This way you can meet lots of other people who share your interests, or at the least you’ll probably end up being friends with the students organizing events on campus. Who needs help getting a ticket to the big event on campus? Not you…cause you’re kind of a big deal! Now use that “social juice” to help your friends out.

3. Talk to other students about THEIR interests. – The first two weeks of college are like a prolonged first date, pretend that you want to know everything there is to know about everyone you meet. If you listen more than you speak you are more likely yo make a friend. No one has ever said, “Wow, I really enjoyed talking to that kid, he never let me get a word in.” More likely, they will want to hang out with someone that they can vent to ie. a good listener. Hey, maybe you’ll even realize.that your new friends can teach you to juggle, or play the guitar, or whatever that thing is that you always wanted to learn but never got around to…I dont know! Everyone is new and looking for a friend, even the kid who seems too cool and aloof to need friends. Chances are that he’ll get tired of his hacky-sack/ps3/xbox360 after the first week, when he realizes that his room now smells like broccoli, butt, and ball sweat…and not in the good way, if there ever was one.

4. Meet as many people as you can – Time to kiss hands and shake babies…reverse that. Say hello to people as you move your stuff into your dorm, wave to other students as they struggle to get rid of their parents, OFFER TO HELP others if you finish unpacking/getting rid of your parents first. You never know which of these people are going to be in your friend group.

Also, once you’re all moved in, introduce yourself to the people on your hall, then on your floor, and finally move up or down to the other floors then meet their friends from the other dorms. Try to make your group grow as you move around the building, you’ll be more likely to pick up new friends this way. No one wants to be on the outside of the “dorm clique”, you will be surrounded by these people for the next 8 months. You’ll be borrowing notes, lying to parents, and holding “study” groups together in no time.

A little too much confidence -_-

A little too much confidence -_-

5. Confidence is KEY! – This is a fairly simple concept to understand, everyone responds better to a confident individual. Your jokes seem funnier, you seem more self-assured, and members of the opposite sex will want to interact with you. The more confident you are in yourself, the more other students will want to be around you. This means that you will be invited to parties, fraternities/sororities are more likely to recruit you, and you become the de facto ambassador for your Class. This doesn’t mean that you should impose on others because an upperclassmen will take great pleasure in knocking you off your high horse!


Remember that in a few years, with the right moves, you’ll run your campus. Good luck Frosh!