51 Year Old Man Caught After Stealing Keg From UGA College Students’ Porch

So, it’s a Thursday night and you’re chilling with some friends on your college campus when your phone rings! Who is it? Could t be a noise complain already, the party hasn’t even started yet.  It’s your neighbor, from up the street, calling to tell you that he just saw someone  toss the keg from your porch into the back of an SUV! It’s time for a slow speed chase/keg recovery operation!

That would be FUNNY AS HELL, right? It’s one hell of a college prank to pull on your friends, maybe teach them a lesson about proper keg security. Except, it becomes less funny when the person stealing your keg isn’t a friend trying to be funny, but a 51 year old kleptomaniac that also steals shrubs…

That’s what happened to a couple of college students at the University of Georgia on Thursday! They got a call from their neighbor to tell them that a man had just stolen the keg right off their front porch! Of course, when someone is stealing your keg, you spring into action. They hopped in their car and drove around until they found a truck that matched the description that their neighbor gave, and stayed on the phone with police until they came to arrest the thief.

The thief turned out to be Christopher Edwin Wade, a local 51 year-old man!  I’m not sure why but I find it impressive that a single 51 year-old was able to lift/steal a keg. Hopefully, he listened to Hank from Breaking Bad and rolled that sucker!