6 Colleges Where Students Can Get a Degree in BEER Brewing!

With the growing popularity of Craft Beers in the United State several colleges are allowing students to complete degrees related to brewing beer. Some people may turn their noses up at the idea of getting their degree while studying beer, but it’s fairly common in Europe; “brewers can obtain Master’s and even PhD’s in brewing science, where coursework focuses on flavor chemistry and brewing chemistry.

At the six colleges below, the degrees offered vary from certificate programs to minors to a full 18-week course in a Master Brewer’s Program, which provides an in-depth understanding of brewing science and brewery engineering. One of the University’s on this list (UC Davis) already has an alumnus, Damien Brown, that runs the The Bronx Brewery.

1. Auburn University

Degree: Graduate Certificate in Brewing Science & Operations

This program is designed to prepare candidates for entry into the malting, brewing and/or distilling industries. The program offers an array of courses with emphasis in biology, microbiology, chemistry, brewing science, agronomy, facilities and operations, and business planning.

2. Colorado State University

Degree: B.S. in Fermentation Science & Technology

The Fermentation Science and Technology major blends a strong interdisciplinary science background with selected courses focused on the science, safety, culinary, and nutritional attributes of fermented foods and beverages. This major prepares students for employment in divisions within the food and beverage industry including product development, processing, quality assurance and control, packaging and distribution, and plant management.

3. Appalachian State University

Degree: B.S. in Fermentation Science

The Fermentation Sciences program is an inter-disciplinary degree within the College of Arts and Sciences intended to provide students with a strong background in chemistry and biology and a considerable focus in business, marketing and entrepreneurial principles. The goal of this degree program is prepare students to  competitive in the fields of Fermentation Science, Wine and Brewing Sciences, and Food science and technology. Student that complete this program can also use their degree to enter more traditional fields such as: Bio-processing / Bio-technology, Chemistry, Biology (microbiology and plant biology, Agriculture Value Addition, Business development, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship.

4. Paul Smith’s College

Degree: Minor in Craft Beer Studies and Operations

Students who sign up for the minor at Paul Smith’s College will take a collection of business courses in management, marketing, advertising and promotion, in addition to practical coursework in brewing and the business of beer.

5. Oregon State University

Degree: B.S. in Fermentation Science

Oregon State University offers courses that are specific to the degree which address the biological, chemical and physical principles of fermentation as well as the engineering, processing, preservation, quality evaluation, public health aspects and use of beer, wine, and fermented food products.

6. University of California, Davis

Degree: Master Brewers Program

An 18-week program that provides an in-depth understanding of brewing science and brewery engineering. Major topics covered in brewing science include malting, mashing, brewing, fermentation and finishing, while the brewery engineering subject matter focuses on fluid flow, heat and mass transfer, solid-liquid separation and more. Students extensively explore these two fields through courses that are the professional-level equivalents of UC Davis degree-program courses, seminars and tutorials in these fields.

So, who’s ready to study some beer and earn a degree for it?

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