6 College Sex Rituals

A lot of sex happens in college. However, some schools make a tradition of it.


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But first, peep these 6 college sex rituals and let us know if we missed any by commenting (and like the post if you love sex in college):


sex in library1. Sex in the Library – University of Wisconsin

Studying gets stressful. After long hours spent in the library, some scholars need to blow off some steam. What better a way of doing so than having sexinfront of a two-way mirror in Memorial Library?
Bell Tower Macalester College2. Ringing the Memorial Bell – Macalester College

Did you get it in (or take it) for the first time at college? Let the student body know by ringing the Memorial Bell. Students at Macalester College ring the Memorial Bell after the first time they have sex on campus. The ringing is met with applause from other students out of the dorm windows and throughout campus.



university of michigan stadium sex3. Sex in the football Stadium – University of Michigan

Nothing like getting down and dirty on the old gridiron. It is a tradition to have sex on the big M logo in the center of the Wolverine’s stadium. A common slogan for the university athletics is “Go Blue.” Just don’t get caught while having sex in the stadium and go blue balled!



univeristy of pennsylvania button sex4. Sex under the button statue – University of Pennsylvania

Ever wonder what the hell that button is on UPENN’s campus? Well you should be wondering what goes on underneath it. It’s a tight squeeze (especially for two people) to fit under the button, but rumor has it that many couples have squeezed tightly under the button.



ohio state university naked lake jump5. Naked Jump in the Lake – Ohio State University

The Ohio State – Michigan rivalry is serious. So serious, that Ohio State students started the tradition of getting wasted, stripping down butt naked, and partying in the freezing lake. Some people opt to wear bathing suits, but we can say they’re just not real Buckeyes!



yale naked walk candy6. Naked Library Walk – Yale University

Thought old men offering candy to little kids was weird? How about walking into the library and being offered a sugar daddy from a butt naked frat boy? I’m sure there are a lot of Smarties given out by Yale students who are happy to finally be naked for the first time in front of a girl.