7 Cheap College Date Ideas | College Sex

Money during college is scarce, but cheap college date ideas aren’t. Here are some ideas that’ll save you a few bucks.

1. Coffee date

Going to a local campus café is the perfect date option. Even if you order the most expensive and crazy drink ever, it probably won’t exceed 5 dollars. You may also have the ability to use a meal card. Another plus is coffee has caffeine, and caffeine gets you relaxed and talking. Coffee is also a great conversation topic to start with (tip: ask about their favorite café drink). And if the other person doesn’t like coffee, they probably like tea.Or hot chocolate. Or a smoothie. You get the idea… go to a café.

cheap date ideas college

2. What, what… what what? Go thrift shopping. No question, it’ll be cheap. And you both wil
l have something to talk about after words, whether it be the clothes or the people you encounter. Maybe you’ll even pick up a souvenir honkie.

3. Exercise

cheap college date ideas

It’s good for the both of you, and it’s cheap. Kill two birds with one stone– get your workout in and go on that date you’ve been meaning to go on– by killing some calories at the gym. If going to the gym and sweating it on the elliptical isn’t you or your date’s thing, there’s always the option of taking a stroll around the quad. If your school is close to a wooded area, you can trade in the quad for the “wilderness” and go for a hike. You could also take a walk through your college’s town or city.

4. School Sporting Events

cheap college date ideas

Go to one of your school’s sporting events and
cheer on your school. This idea is great because if the conversation goes downhill, the game serves as a topic of conversation or a distraction.

5. School-sponsored Events

cheap college date

If your college is like mine, it hosts free events during the week and on weekends. These range from bingo with decent prizes to paint parties. Sometimes these can be lame, but other times they can be awesome, so you’re gonna have to pick and choose with this one. If your date is into it, you can always pre-game one of these events and make that part of the date too. I, personally, would be flattered if a guy asked me to pregame a hypnotist show. But that’s just me. The good thing about school-sponsored events as well is they are usually earlier in the evening, leaving room for activities either one of you may have planned for later in the night.

6. School Dining Area

cheap college date

Self-explanatory. To mix it up take food outside for a picnic on the quad. Neither of you will feel guilty for the other one paying!

7. Movie

cheap college date ideaYou could go to a movie theatre, but there are cheaper ways to make seeing a flick into a date. For one, you can rent a movie from your school’s library. They may not have the newest films in stock, but they’re certain to have some classics. If not from your school’s library, you can rent a movie from red box, which offers newly-released movies for just a few bucks. Make it more fancy buy picking up some candy, soda, and popcorn from the dollar store. Now you’re livin’ large.