8 Things You DEFINITELY Need for a College Party

College PartierIts time to party! School is almost in session and this is the first weekend of partying for many colleges around the country. Here are some tips to get you started on your partying . This is what youneed to get started on your way.

1 ) Source/connects to find the parties – First and for most you need a FiestaFrog.com account. It tells you where all the parties are at on your campus. When you visit your friend’s campuses, you just switch the zipcode and see whats going on there. It also lets you have access to bar specials youwouldn’tget if you didn’t have an account. Its like the Facebook/groupon and twitter of parties and nightlife. Why wouldnt you have on of these. Sign up here .

2) Alcohol – Obviously you need to pregame. The experience is definitely not the same without a pregame. If you arent pregaming, you arent doing it right. Also, what is a party without drinking?! ill let you answer that yourself.3) Condoms– Guys, this is a must. If your not holding on to a condom at all times you are slipping up bro. It can pop off at any moment, so pleasecarry

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