9 Companies Produce 95 Percent of the World’s Whiskey!!!

If you’re a dude who drinks whiskey, I’m not sure that I can call a dude unless you do, then you’re just as worried as I am about the looming whiskey shortage. Apparently, we’re drinking it faster than most Tennessee distilleries can produce the brown gold which fuels our weekend, and weekday, nights.

The popular stat is that, an almost unbelievable, 95% of the whiskey sold WORLDWIDE comes from the Volunteer State!

However, did you know that all of that whiskey originates from only 9 conglomerate distilleries? Check out which companies own/produce your favorite whiskey brands below.

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9 Companies That Produce The World’s Whiskey


Bean, Inc.


Heaven Hill



Midwest Grain Productions


Kentucky Bourbon Distillers

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