A Chronic Nights Party: In the Middle of a Spa?

Spa partyLast Saturday, I strolled in to a Chronic Nights house party dubbed “Chronic Conclave”. It was a solid party, a lot of people, two DJs spinning EDM and Dancehall, and some liquid courage behind a make shift bar. After all, what else do you need to make a successful house party. I then ran into the Chronic Nights duo, Will Stryker and Eric St.Bernard, and caught up over a few drinks of vodka and lemonade. They confided in me a post-Independence day event that they had in the works. Honestly, I wasn’t paying too much attention. What caught me was when St.Bernard disclosed that it was a spa in the midtown area of Manhattan. I chuckled a bit, and he caught notice. In his most animated, frenetic voice, he replied, “I’m f****** serious bro. Like, a rager in a spa.. in the city. Till 6 in the morning” The next day, scrolling through my Facebook account, I saw the invite to an event entitled “City Night Lights: The Spa”. There it was, already with a Fiesta Frog event page, along with one on ticket mega site Eventbrite. It was almost as if my sarcastic chuckle propelled them to go public with the eccentric idea. So, in a sense, I could say I’m the method behind this madness, right? Anyway, I’ll be interested to see how this one works out- an overnight event in a Manhattan spa. I still can’t wrap my mind around it. The event details are provided on this site. Proceed with caution.

Here is the link to the NYC hotel mega suite party : http://m.fiestafrog.com/event/CITY-NIGHT-LIGHTS-The-Spa-366259