Adam Block Design: Bringing Customized Sorority Apparel to Another Level

ABD Design PicIf you’re a sorority girl, you know the importance a good t-shirt holds for every monumental event (i.e. Bid Day, Big-Little Reveals, Volunteer days, etc.) and you also know how difficult it can be to stand apart from the crowd. There is nothing worse than looking over and seeing the sorority girl next to you in class with practically the same bid-day t-shirt design (sameembroidery and all).

Enter Adam Block Design [ABD]. Founded in 2008 by UCLA alumni Adam Block, ABD brings a fresh new perspective to the world of Greek apparel. I have yet to find something that rivals his artistic eye. Not only are the designs current and original, they truly highlight the personality of each sorority. Adam Block, the majestic awesomesauce designer, works closely with each of his clients to come up with a distinctive pattern that is sure to please even the pickiest of girls [also, ordering and choosing the base for your design is super easy]. According to Block, “clothing should be fun. It should be captivating…we won’t rest until you love your design. Pinky swear”.

“text-align: justify;”>In a world of “sameness” these designs truly break the mold and recognize the artistic potential behind themed clothing. For further information on Adam Block Design and to see more samples of his amazing t-shirts/hoodies/pants you can visit his website at I have yet to be disappointed and I have a strong feeling you won’t be either!