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Are You Addicted to Your Smartphone?

Being a 20-something year old is synonymous with being addicted to your smartphone. It may seem like I’m making an outlandish statement, but I believe the following statistics illustrate my cause for concern. In 2012, Cisco conducted a study to determine how smartphones affect the lives of young adults (18-30 years old) in 18 countries. The results are not surprising:

  • “Sixty percent of Gen Y members find themselves compulsively checking their smartphones for emails, texts or social media updates.”
  • “More than 40% “would feel anxious, like part of me was missing” if they couldn’t constantly check their smartphones.”

The factthat someof us experience separation anxiety when disconnected from our phones is not a good thing. It’s almost as if we treat our smartphones like children, holding them dear and close for as long as we can. Instead of being emotionally invested in our phones, we need to learn how to redirect that energy and attention to our relationships.

Why? Because we’re becoming a generation characterized by narcissism, self-validation, along with the inability to hold a conversation. Our obsession with our smartphones hinders our ability to pay attention to the people who are right in front of us. Aside from being rude, inactively participating in a conversation is equivalent to not having a personality.

Here are 3 tips (and a public service announcement from Buzzfeed) to ensure your phone addiction doesn’t drive your friends away:

Fiesta Frog Are you addicted to your smartphone?

1) Turn off your notifications: This ones a no-brainer, yet still a hard tact

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