Pier of Fear Brings Afrojack to Pacha

Afrojack came out to the screaming crowd of fans at Pacha NYC where he, and his girlfriend Paris Hilton, engaged the crowd of attendees covered in their best combination of rave gear and Halloween costumes. His set was comprisedd of mostly Afrojack originals and a few remixes thrown in for good measure. Afrojack didn’t just stick to recent hit songs, there are many, but he played classic songs that fans who’ve like him from the beggining wouild remember.


When he played “Polkadots” the crowd whipped into a frenzy, and it set the stage for the remainder of the night! Afrojack seamlessly took over control of the crowd, he also played “take over control” much to the delight of fans, by switching between high energy songs and then cooling things down . As any real DJ understand, the crowd cannot be at full energy for the entire set…there are moments when you need to rest, occassionally.

For the most part, his set went as expected; there were no gaps in the music, he kept everyone dancing despite the heat eminating from a packed crowd of masked revelers.