Alcohockey: Learn A New Drinking Game During Winter Break!

Now that people are, mostly, done with finals they can get back to hanging out with friends and playing drinking games before they head home for Winter Break. Check out a new drinking game, out of Canada, that mixes two games you probably already love. This way, you can learn it over break, and then beat everyone when the next semester starts.


Alcohockey is a Canadian version of Beer Pong.

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Alcohockey is a hybrid drinking game that manages to blend beer pong and air hockey. The rules of Alcohockey are still unclear, but you obviously drink whenever you get scored on. We don’t know too much about the inventor, but from his Imgur account we do know that he is Canadian and he was drunk when he posted the photo. The most common question about Alcohockey’s gameplay…”Won’t the beer on the puck make the air hockey table all sticky?” To that, I say, that’s proabably why you see multiple pucks in the picture. Although, once you’re a few games deep, you probably won’t care about that as much!


What do YOU think about Alcohockey? Do you think it’ll catch on at house parties in the US?

Image via: Imgur

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