Hot But Crazy: Alexis Dziena’s (Entourage) BF Gets a Restraining Order

Welcome to the first installment of Hot But Crazy:

Do you guys remember the scary hot girl, with BIG doll eyes (You know the kind that are cute…and maybe plotting your murder) that “E” dated on Entourage? C’mon you remember, she kept inviting herself to things and genuinely reeked of crazy ex-girlfriend. Well I remember her, MOSTLY because I think that she’s incredibly hot…but I’m into crazy. Well, according to TMZ,

Jeffrey Francis Ausley says he and Dziena had been dating for a few months, but when he tried to end it, she went crazy … screaming, throwing tantrums and threatening to harm Ausley and herself.

In court docs, Ausley says the final straw came when Dziena showed up at his house last week with a bag of clothes and announced she was moving in … and if he didn’t go along with it, she’d have him arrested “because she knew how.”

Dziena — who played E’s psycho ex-GF on “Entourage” — has now been ordered to stay 100 yards away from Ausley.

I’m not gonna say that this dude knew what he was getting into…but Alexis Dziena’s gotta have a monopoly on playing Hollywood’s crazy ex-girlfriend, right now. So far, she’s done it in Entourage and Nick & Norah’s Inifinte Playlist . Maybe she’s a character actor like Daniel Day Lewis?

Either way, I think she looks like Topanga from Boy Meets World and I’m into that. Also, maybe she’s not completely crazy, she might just be a New Yorker…

So, do YOU think that the “milk’s worth the squeeze?”

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