American University Students Use Tinder for Free Food Hook-up

Would you rather use Tinder for an easy hookup, or to get the hook up on free food?

Swipe for Swipes is a blog for Arizona University students that started receiving attention on Tumblr Monday. Use of the hashtag has a  VERY rewarding premise: If you have extra meal swipes in AU’s dining halls, add the line “I have spare meal swipes” to your bio on Tinder, the mobile dating app. If you’re short on dining credits, add the line “I need a meal swipe.” Then set your search distance to one mile and wait for meals (or meal dates!) to roll in.

There are over 10, 000 students at AU, so it’s probably hard to find people that are willing to give up their swipes. I wonder how many of these “dinner dates” turn into actual hookups?