Angry Alumnus Responds to College’s Request for Donation

How many of you out there get endless amounts of mail from your college asking for donations? I even started getting this  trash mail from my high school …. while I was still in college. Are you kidding me? These schools first rape our pockets while we are attending their institutions, and then want to shove it in about 5 inches further by requesting money we don’t have …. while we are still living in indentured servitude since we have to pay hundreds of dollars per month in student loan payments. Why don’t they just send me a nice fancy letter saying “Got you, you’re screwed!” …. Anyways, I’ll stop ranting. One alumnus couldn’t take the mailings from the  old alma mater anymore while he was going through student loan forbearance and decided to write a letter back. Check it out:

student letter to school fund raiser

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