Aoki Performs at Pier of Fear

When I walked into the building I immediately saw a huge, muscle-bound, man painted from head to toe in black body paint. I was a little afraid, but it made sense–Halloween was only two nights before and NYC was still high on costumes. Walking farther into the building I finally heard the sound of Borgore screaming into the microphone while a mass of people danced as he prodded them to keep the party going. I had no way of kowing that Borgore’s set would be my favorite of the night…after all, I was there for the combination of Aoki, Pharell, and Waka Flocka Flame.

When Waka did appear, he came out during Borgore’s set–I think I missed him performing a bit earlier in the night–the crowd swelled, almost reaching the edge of the entrance. There were people rapping along with Waka, singing to the chorus, and some people who would have been ddancing regardless of what was going on. There was no doubt…BORGORE KILLED IT!

Aoki Waka Borgore

After Borgore’s set, there was a brief lull. This was the point when people went to rest their feet, freshen up their drinks, and take bathroom breaks; the crowd seemed a little tired at this point, but Borgore just finished a high-energy set so it was understandable.

Pharell came out after about fifteen minutes, but it seemed like an eternity to wait for the music to start up again. Pharell seemed the most unsure of himself I have ever seen. He performed hits he produced over the summer like “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk and “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke. He played a few flashback hits, but c’mon dude this isn’t early 2000. Needless to say it wasn’t what I would expect from a consumate professional; it seemed lazy.Waka AokiAnother lull, followed by the spark of a beat going “Aye” “Oh” “Key”….”Aye” “Oh” “Key”! The moment had finally arrived! Steve Aoki appeared with an amazing light show eminating from the stage, it seemed to almost engulf the crowd. He blessed the group of dancers with the skill of a seasoned Dj, and the spectacle the had come to expect from Steve Aoki. He jumped up and down while mixing tunes and spurring the crowd to get wild, and he threw cakes at people as girls scurried up the shoulders of the closest–and sturdiest–looking guys, to point themselves out as his next target. Overall, I enjoyed the performance. The only complaint, I really have, is that the space seemed too big for what was occuring. The sound didn’t travel well, so it seemed as though only the people closer to the stage were getting the full experience.