Ask A Student: Hartford University Nightlife

Hartford University is known as a moderately sized school in terms of students, but a large party school in terms of drugs and the number of people that pass out on a weekly basis. The nightlife was pretty much composed of five different activities.

Hartford University Nightlife Advice

1. Go to a bar off campus. But you need a fake ID, or high heels and a short skirt if you’re a girl.

2. Stay in your friends’ dorms and drink or smoke or just hangout and be crazy together in peace.

3. Go to an off campus frat party and either get drugged, way too drunk, or drive fifteen minutes just to find out the party has gotten broken up or is too crowded to let anybody else in.

4. Go to a party in the Village (upperclassmen housing) but only if you know an upperclassman or have your own drugs and/or source of entertainment.

5. If you were actually a good student and realized you had a test in three days or four weeks of homework to catch up on, then you would study with your friends, or most likely by yourself in your somewhat spacious dorm with your singing neighbor and slut of a roommate.

Now don’t get me wrong. The parties and the drinking was all a lot of fun. But that was a full year of just getting drunk, getting high, finding different stupid ways to make things funnier and more entertaining. But what my friends and I didn’t realize was that we strayed away so much from our studies in that year, that we all had to drop out and go our separate ways. The irony of it all was that if we had just partied a little less and helped each other out with that essay or that test, we could have had three more years of a “little less” fun.

But if you’re somebody who knows how to manage their time and doesn’t let the partying interfere with your studies like I did (although I am back on track now, thanks for the worries) then you can have a really great time at Hartford University, or any college, I’m sure.

And there is all the information you need if you ever want to party at hartford. just make sure you’re either in performing arts, a stoner, a heavy drinker, or got a lot of scholarship money.