“Avian” & Money By Any Means | “She has Christina Aguilera’s Voice…but better” | New talents

Avian‘s voice is angelic and beautiful. This long island bombshell has a range that is hard to find and a sound that is hard to replicate. Currently, there is a bidding war between Universal, Bad Boy, Lava, def jam and SRC over this new sensation. This new talent is being marketed this summer with full force and you now know about her before everyone else did.

Have you ever wondered how big artist just pop on to the scene out of no where? Remember when Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera and Whitney Houston appeared on the scene out of nowhere?That isbecause the best things are usually kept secret until the “right moment.” There are time lines set by big companies trying to make big bucks. I want you to say you heard it here first. That you heard about Avian here , on FiestaFrog.com , before anyone else did. Currently she has songs coming out with Jim Jones and a mix tape coming out with DJ Whoo kid. She has features with Lloyd Banks and Jerimiah that are also coming out soon.”LIKE” her fan page to see interviews and to hear her music .Follow here on twitter @itsavian and her manager @therealjdot99 .

I know you probably want to hear her for yourself. Check out her music here.

“Shine” by Avian (MBAM) by Syracuse HouseParties EMBODY by Itsavian