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If you’re reading this, then there’s a 90% chance that you and I are of the same generation. Being that we’re roughly the same age, it’s safe to say that we grew up with one of the greatest baby sistersof all time, television. That’s right, not only did we grow up having the coolest toys, the best video games, impeccable style, great movies, awesome music, and Michael fucking Jordan. But, we were also lucky enough to witness the Golden Age of television. Now, before some of you history buffs try telling me that the Golden Age of television started inthe40’s and ended in the 60’s—I just have one question for you—what the fuck did those previous generations know about Rugrats? Exactly. Granted, we got the shit end of the stick when it came to getting a job, but at least we had a pretty dope childhood.By means of paying tribute to the 90’s, I have compiled a list of the most awkward (TV & Movie) characters that we grew up watching. Enjoy!

Awkward Kids of the 90’s

01.) Steve Urkel (Family Matters):

Sporting high waters, saddle shoes, suspenders, and every shirt that your father has tucked away in his closet; Steve Urkel tops our list as being the most awkward kid of the 90’s. If Steve’s wardrobe wasn’t enough of a reason to crown him as champion, don’t forget that he walked like a praying mantis, played the accordion, and his middle name was Quincy. A flawless victory if you ask me.



02.) Screech (Saved by the Bell):

Screech (Dustin Diamond), is the fine wine out of every character on this list, mainly because he’s the only one who became more awkward with age. I’m not exactly sure as to what our boy Screech is up to these days, but it’s probably something weird.




03.) Kimmy Gibbler (Full House):

On top of dressing like a Salvation Army poster child, Kimmy Gibbler could also be the representative for everyone who has an extreme foot odor condition. I’m not sure if her problem was the result of bad hygiene, or if the root of her excessive foot odor was due to an over-active sweat gland. What ever her problem may be, it’s safe to say that smelly feet are awkward.



04.) Chuckie Finster (Rugrats):

If you thought cartoon characters weren’t going to be making an appearance on this list, you were sadly mistaken. Most of the cartoon characters we grew up watching were some of the most awkward individuals imaginable. Chuckie Finster was perhaps one of the most awkward cartoon characters. Chuckie was always scared, congested, and he had red hair. Enough said.



05.) Lorie Beth (All That):

Often, people have a hard time distinguishing the difference between being chubby from being awkward. In this situation, it’s safe to say that Lorie Beth was both. In her defense, she was the oldest cast member of All That. Being 21 years old, and doing sketches that 10 year old’s would find funny had to be a difficult transition.




06.) Fuller McCallister (Home Alone):

“Fuller, go easy on the Pepsi” is perhaps one of the greatest lines in movie history. Fuller’s appearance

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