Axwell AMAZING Fireworks Display Steals the Show at TommorowWorld 2013

Axwell, Main, Stage, TomorrowWorld 2013

I found myself at one of the, many, booths to buy food at during TommorowWorld as Axwell’s set began to pick up. After grabbing a burger and fries, my go to food since it’s portable, I make my way over to a table an begin downing my food. Out of the corner of my eye I realize something that I had barely noticed before, there’s a giant mass of people on the hill overlooking the stage!

Throughout out day there has always been people up here looking on as different DJs took the Main stage at TomorrowWorld 2013, but this was different. Something about this group, perhaps it was that it had just become REALLY dark so I finally noticed that they were over 100 people beating giant glow-sticks together as the beats came crashing down, just seemed very primal.

I finished my burger and made my way into the crowd to catch Axwell’s set firsthand. Just as I found myself in a a position to really see what was happening on-stage, the music cut out! “Wow, technical difficulties on the main stage?” I thought to myself. Fortunately, it was Axwell himself turning down the music to talk to a fan. NOT everyfan in attendance, honestly, ONE FAN in particular.

“Who is that guy?” He asked, addressing a fan waving a giant cut-out cardboard image, over the low thumping beat of the bass-line. “You’ve been jumping up and down waving that photograph all day, and I have NO IDEA who that guy is. It’s on of the strangest things I have ever seen, and I NEED you to know that I WILL REMEMBER YOU FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!”Maybe 20 minutes after witnessing this exchange, I decided to head back content that I had just witnessed a truly special interaction between a DJ and one of his fans–I had plenty to write about and I could still enjoy the performance via the live stream that had been set up. I get back to the Press tent, and I say to the other people covering the festival “Not gonna lie, I think Axwell just had the best set of the entire festival, and it’s, his set, not even over.”A few people laughed, everyone seemed to think that maybe I dove a little too far into being a part of the festival and had gone native! Not that i would really mind, it seemed like the people who were really willing to let go were the ones enjoying themselves the most. Then I heard a loud “BOOM!” What the f–k was that, I thought to myself. Before I knew what was happening, the press tent emptied as everyone scattered outside to grab photos of the EPIC fireworks display that followed. Then back into the tent, then out again…yes, it went on for that long; getting larger and larger until another person in the press room asked, “How the hell is Afroki going to top that?”

Personal opinion, Afrojack and Steve Aoki had an awesome set together as Afroki, but Saturday belonged to Axwell. Well played, sir!