Backpacks: The Do’s and Don’ts

The back accessory that holds any and everything that can’t fit in one’s pockets. Recently, the bookbag has become more than simply storage space; it has become a fashion statement. Even NBA all-starKevinDurantwon’t do a press conference without his.
In college, however, one will use a backpack mostly for it’s ability to carry things on the move. It would be annoying to have to lug your Mac from the coffee shop to the library and then to class in the cradle of your frail arms all day. Book bags can be your best friend (you’re into making friends with inanimate objects becauseoftheir usefulness, right?) if you use it correctly.


A bit much?

The first thing to know about book bags in college is that a draw-string bag should be used sparingly. This type of bag is frail because it is cheap to produce. You shouldn’t be forcing heavy objects into it, unless you want all your objects breaking in front of everyone in general biology 101. Draw-string bags are also fashion faux pas that will make you look like a know-nothing freshmen. Even freshmen don’t want to appear to look like “fresh meat”.

drawstring backpack
The “right type” of

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